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Before you get started with the script, there are a few things that are good to know regarding the script and some of its limitations.

How it works

The script traverses through the DOM of the page it is loaded on. It gathers information on all the elements there, which it then uses to build a representation of the page. In other words, it does not actually take a screenshot of the page, but builds a representation of it based on the properties it reads from the DOM.

As a result, it is only able to render correctly properties that it understands, meaning there are many CSS properties which do not work.


All the images that the script uses need to reside under the same origin for it to be able to read them without the assistance of a proxy. Similarly, if you have other canvas elements on the page, which have been tainted with cross-origin content, they will become dirty and no longer readable by html2canvas.

The script doesn't render plugin content such as Flash or Java applets. It doesn't render iframe content either.

To run html2canvas on an element with some options simply call:

html2canvas(element, options);

The rendered canvas is provided in the callback event onrendered, as such:

html2canvas(element, {
    onrendered: function(canvas) {
        // canvas is the final rendered <canvas> element

Available options

The options variable is an object which accepts the following parameters:

Name Type Default Description
allowTaint boolean false Whether to allow cross-origin images to taint the canvas
background string #fff Canvas background color, if none is specified in DOM. Set undefined for transparent
height number null Define the height of the canvas in pixels. If null, renders with full height of the window.
letterRendering boolean false Whether to render each letter separately. Necessary if letter-spacing is used.
logging boolean false Whether to log events in the console.
proxy string undefined Url to the proxy which is to be used for loading cross-origin images. If left empty, cross-origin images won't be loaded.
taintTest boolean true Whether to test each image if it taints the canvas before drawing them
timeout number 0 Timeout for loading images, in milliseconds. Setting it to 0 will result in no timeout.
width number null Define the width of the canvas in pixels. If null, renders with full width of the window.
useCORS boolean false Whether to attempt to load cross-origin images as CORS served, before reverting back to proxy